How long have we known each other, Leo?

How long?

Yeah. Like, at least sixteen years.

Mm, tal vez.

Yeah, I remember because you knew me before I even smoked.

You’re right, we went to middle school and high school together.

Like, before I ever got high.

Remember we went to backyard parties and ska shows?

Oh my god, and I was with Marco!

That was your drunk days.

Oh my— shut up you freakin punk!

—and you’d be drunk like twenty-four se-even. . .

Shut up!—I’m gonna punch you!

And remember we all had to get sober for the first time on that road trip in Idaho?

Actually, I was with Benny.

Girl, I can’t remember all your boys.

—oh my god, shut up! You shouldn’t even be driving!

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