Welcome back. Last we left off, Dr. Kim Summers and her lawyer friend, Cin Mutsuragi—both of whom happen to be the leaders of the friendly neighborhood crime syndicate THE RAINBOW PRINCESSES (because, y’know, when society has finally reached its most maturely brutal and plutocratic form and you’re left to scrounge and scrape for every single bit of healthcare, legal protection and security you possibly can, it very much helps to organize up into a group of lethal-but-well-meaning badasses to make sure every one of your equally-badass-but-possibly-not-so-well-meaning foes tastes the tread on your locally-sourced, non-slave-labor manufactured— okay, sorry, deep breaths, it’s not worth it)—anyway, Kim and Cin had just run into a couple of Klown Klones during their snack run. Let’s see how they get outta this one!

And make sure to catch up with last week’s installment!


See you next week, BABYLON fans!

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