In this series we will be discussing post-culture, monoculturalism, and post-identity as defined from the framework provided in this blogpost. The definition provided is not fixed, and is subject to alteration to better define this phenomenon. This paper serves the purpose of identifying the possible next wave of consumerism within the Fourth Industrial Revolution as we begin to be a multi-world species. 

Post-Identity: noun, adjective

1. An identity that comprises the mosaic of the human cultural spectrum [from sex and gender identities to ethnic and phenotype-based identities, and beyond, including state Space identities.] A fluid state of expression and narrative that may be achieved as a {trans-virtual} being. 

2. A privileged consumer who, through fetishization, creates an emotional connection to colonized people. The privileged consumer performs {culture face} and wears the colonized people’s narrative as their own. This is a means to provide culture where there is an absence of it in their own lives. It may also be an expression of dissatisfaction with their own oppressor culture.

Trans-Virtual: A person that has an active virtual identity/culture and sovereignty in a virtual plane.

Culture Face: See: blackface/when a person objectifies a culture through mockery or through a lens of privilege.  Offensive.

State Space: See: nationalism, borders, nation state.

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