We’re back, and oh Good Bleeding Christ do we have books for you! But, first:

If you’re anything like Marco Rubio, you’ve been masturbating to the newest Juan Guaidó porn-coup videos and dreaming about Ann Coulter calling you a big, strong man. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve been doing spit-takes through massive weed-pen rips, exclaiming at the TV, “—Joe Biden?!” And just when we thought we were all actually taking this shit seriously for a change.

So now we’re doing the only rational thing left in this world, giving the homeless money. zq287.com is proud to announce the theme of our Second Volume of Terror: handouts to the needy. No 501c3s, no board members, just here’s your ten dollars. Yep, this one is sure to piss all the bastards off!

We’ve got new releases, and we’re weaponizing books. If you decide to buy, we’ll dedicate dollars from our profits to add to the handouts (forgive the lack of specifics so far, we’ve got our top mathematicians feverishly working on the numbers).

Welcome back, and remember, if you disagree with giving people money for drugs, the first ones you should point the finger at are employers. Have a good day!

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