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Cole Scott-Knox-Under, an idealistic technophobe purposefully relegating himself to a minimum-wage fast food job, suddenly notices he is suffering from a strange neurosis: inanimate objects appear to be speaking to him, and the symptoms are worsening.

Hallucinations of lethal drink lids, personified congratulations balloons, desperate old VHS tapes, buried-alive beepers, a holocaust of waste, and chatty styrofoam cups threaten to sever him from his family, friends and job. Or are they hallucinations at all?

This final installment of a triptych of novels about technology & madness, sends characters both animate and inanimate on a sweeping adventure into neurosis, metaphysics, drinking, garbage, crazed artists and entrepreneurs, powerful furniture magnates, family politics, world revolution, hyperbolic intellectuals, and, eventually, into South Dakota.

A weird dark comedy examining one of the foundational pieces of U.S. modernity and crisis—disposability, in all its concrete and abstract forms.

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“Bramble’s postmodern maximalism calls to mind Thomas Pynchon and William T. Vollmann; his grim dystopianism, Orwell and Margaret Atwood; his overt social criticism, Richard Wright and Kurt Vonnegut…confirms the prodigious talent of its author.”

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