Shipping and handling included in price. ZQ-287 Mini-Book Series: Edition One.



After spending his youth as the son of a dissident mother who tried and failed to plot the overthrow of the consolidated world government, Stanly Borque was punished for political crimes he didn’t commit. Now, years later, he’s none other than a compliant corporate employee working in the midst of the same authoritarian, oligarchical system of total social surveillance his mother had hoped to eradicate. Which doesn’t actually bother him too much—until a business trip to Ghana where a bizarre accident catapults him back into the world of the powerful, and the inescapable arms of the regime.

As an inept participant in so much conspiracy, he’ll be confronted with a barrage of possibly important questions along the way. Like, is freedom a dead concept? Why did a global pandemic of suicides cause a tenth of the world’s population to do itself in? And, is there reason to hope anymore? A story of the world in the total opposite of disarray, and what it means when reality is at odds with the human spirit.

“It’s a rare and wonderful thing to chance upon a novelist this young already writing with this much precision, this much control, and having this much fun with it all. Steven T. Bramble is a writer to watch, and to be reading—not later—but now.”
—Stephen Graham Jones, author of Demon Theory and Mongrels

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