We are ontological mechanics. We tinker with what is, what could be, what is not — with existence. We enrich the squishy brain matter of our communities with subversive ideas, smart talk, and fun swear words. We one time organized the International Ontological Machinists Union (IOMU) to rise up and destroy their masters, slapping the slogan KILL THE FUTURE!! on every motherfucking wall we could find, laughing as the temporal continuum rearranged before the terrified eyes of the overlords. At our meetings there were the most delicious snaxxx. Our deranged plan, which we carry out shamelessly under the influence of strong drugs, is to disseminate our books and the narratives therein to the thinking people of the world, contaminating their thought processes and winning them over to our evil side of empathy, feeling, reason, and non-dogmatic language until we have constructed a legion of friendly supervillains and we see every last one of our foes crushed. Enjoy!

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